Our Story

For a while I suffered with complete 'mum guilt', I had a two year old and a newborn and was feeling like no matter how much I tried to split my time it just wasn't enough. 

Maternity Leave and then Lockdown happened and with the preschool closed I knew more than ever I needed something that would entertain beast number one whilst I was busy with beast number two, I knew it had to be fun, but he had to learn something and most importantly it couldn't be noisy!

So after many attempts I finally cracked it and made the little activity book, from there it all took off and I couldn't be prouder. i was able to drink my coffee hot whilst my little one had some educational fun.

Thank you to every single person that has purchased a product, provided such positive feedback or sent a picture of your little one enjoying one of my items, it honestly means so much and makes every blister from the cutout's worth it. 

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